Tuesday, December 22, 2009

stupid girl let go bah ...

2day reali very very tired.. ytd ad worked until 9.30 p.m... reach hm ad 10.. 2day cn early abit... 7 p.m... coz tat "fucker person" !!!! he tot is his fater's shop.. wan work thn work.. dowan work thn resign !!!! fuck ppl !! i reali very tired... my hand very pain nw.. bt no ppl wil care me.. last time tat ppl who care me the most, nw oso dowan care me liao... XD , >< , T_T i oso dno happy or sad.. bt i think sad is more than happy.. dno y suddenly listen the song n cried.. na i jz cn cry myself.. i reali cn let it go ma ? i reali dno.. i got try my best to let go... coz i noe tat ppl will more happy if i let him go.. bt i ad try my best... i...... i'm soli.. i'll let him go n hope he happy oways.. cn i dowan contact tat ppl ?? if i keep on like tat i reali cnt let go... bt cn i done tat ? i ... cnt.... wad is the relation btw me n him ? who cn let me noe ? am i stupid ? act i ad noe the ans.. ya... i'm the most stupid girl.. if not he wont everyday said me stupid.... hope stupid girl cn let all the things go n dont sad sad lah.. XD

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Raining Day = Sad Day

2day is my down day.. suddenly i feel tat in tis world no ppl will reali care me n trust me.. my family is like tat, my "bf" is like tat, my friend oso like tat.. wad happen in tis day ? i'm tallking true.. i dint lie anyone.. y u all dont trust me ? ytd whn i wan slp tat time, my heart like broken.. i dno wan happy or sad.. whn i wan slp tat time i sms my "bf".. i said i wan slp.. i tot he will call me.. bt at the end he juz sms me onli.. i feel like he started not like me ad.. he do like tat is true lah.. coz i'm not his real gf liao... bt i dint sad bcoz of tis... i sad is bcoz he said "ur my specious friend".. at tat moment whn i saw tat word, i suddenly like blur n heart broken.. hahah... i'm stupid hor... he ad not my bf.... thn of coz we are fren lah.. y i stil think so much ?? wish him happy thn cn ad lah.. i reali hope he cn find a gd gf.. bt tis sentence mayb wont come out from my mouth lah... bt my heart is reali wan he happy.. i dno am i stil loving him.. i reali dno.. y other frens "pak to" so happiness.. y i got so many problems ? 

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I ad change my job abt 2 months lor.. at here i reali learn alot of thing such as hw to make a bun, hw to bake the bunn alt lah.. i reali happy tat i cn learn alot things.. bt sometime i cnt noe y ppl cn do like tat n y i cnt.. in my kitchen got a big chef.. she is a girl... she oways scold me abt dowan help other ppl to do things... she said i selfish.. okie.. than start tat day i do my job, after fin than i help other ppl to do their job... after i fin help thm, my job bcome more at thr... thn y thy dint come help me bk ? n y she dint scold thm ? ist i'm girl so she dont like me ? or wad ?  i reali dno... tis few day got alot things happen ah.. i reali feel unhappy... suddenly my "sifu" said wan go bk to "Myamar".. jz bcoz a small things than  make thm feel unhappy... y ppl heart so small ? jz a small things oso wan make until big big.... dno y suddenly i very miz kor... 

Kor u stl rmb me ma ? u still rmb u got a stupid sis stil waiting u at Malaysia ma ? u noe i got hw miz u ma ? everytime whn i hear dou the song i sure think abt u.. dint u miz me ? did u rmb wad is ur promise ? u said after 4 years will come bk n the 1st things is find me.. 4 years.. nw ad 6 years... y i dint get abt ur msg ? is me stupid to trust u tat u will come bk ma ? Kor, i noe in story thr the guys promise at the end he reali got come bk to find the girl.. i noe is true.. bt in our life reali got like tat ma ? cn u make it true for me ? i reali very sad.. i reali very miz u.. bt i dno whr u.. i cnt find u.. 

Friday, August 7, 2009

=.=" blur's day =.="

Tis few day i dno i feel happy or not... coz 12 of Agus Jason hv a "exam" ? i oso dno lah.. jz a whole hotel line ppl oso hope to be choose n done the big project lidat lah.. he oso is the lucky 1 who cn replace Nikko Hotel to go do the project.. tis few day whn i got time i oso got go thr to pui him.. everyday oso pui him until 2 or 3 in the morning... although i was very tired coz i oso nid work.. bt dno y everyday pui him i feel like not tired oso.. he oways scold me n call me bk, coz at nitez so late a ready stil alone drive bk.. is he wory abt me ? everyday i pui him he also wil cook things for me to eat, although jz a egg n rice.. bt a ready enuf lor.. ><><

Monday, June 8, 2009

*.* tiRed dAy *.*

2day is my off day.. bt same as my work day, coz tis morning 4 o'clock i a ready woke up n go outlet.. coz my cake decord 2day nid go bk to her hometown, so she wanted to in 4 o'clock.. thn i jz accompany her.. thn we maked all the cakes until 7.30.. thn i asked a ready 7.30 y my supervisor n staff hvn came yet... she said dno.. so i said i nid go out hel thm pack the buns.. aroung 7.40 thn came n i jok n said "wad time is nw oh.." thn my supervisor straigh away said "no ppl cal u to help for packing the buns, y u so bc body.." okie fine thn after i finish pack tat tray of buns n i stop it.. i dowan to help her anymore.. after tat she come in decord room n said "u a ready pack half y dint continue".. thn i straigh away said "i dowan".. wad kind of tis ppl ???? thn i oso go out for eat breakfast... after fin ate breakfast thn i go bk to help my cake decord again.. around 12 my 2 boss oso come.. 1 is Mr Alex another 1 is Miss Teh.. both of thm saw me in the decord room n ask y i dint wear uniform n go work.. thn i said 2day i off, bt thy said oso nid wear uniform onli cn work.. so i go out lor.. thn Mr Alex wanted to c all the stockcard.. thn i jz took for him.. n he ask y dint done fin, thn i said coz my supervisor 9 of june nid go meeting, so i nid help her to done all the stockcard in may 1st.. so i no time to fin it.. thn he said friday he come n collect again thn i said okie.. in tat time my supervisor face vvv dark.. mayb she think tat y Mr Alex want me to check the stockcard wif him n y dint cal her to check wif him.. after tat i told Mr Alex abt our hostel got alot of "gigit" it is an animal n it wil duck our blood.. thn Mr Alex straigh away cal me to bring him go hostel n c.. after thy saw n he said 2mrw wil cal ppl to make it.. after tat i told thy abt all the unhpy thgs... n Mr Alex said who is wrong who is right he wil know... he said i'm supervisor, i got the power to in charge the outlet oso... thn i said i'm jz a training supervisor, i no power.. thn he said who said u no power ?? i said u got tat means u got !! so nonid scare other ppl said u !!! if thy do worng jz call thm n let thm know.. n he said if i think tat things is right thn i jz do it.. he wil support me.. i oso dno wan bcome a good person or bcome a bad person.. sometime bcome a bad person better thn become a good person.. wad shoud i do ??? i oso dno... haiz... 2mrw nid full again.. 7.30 morning til 10.30..T_T wan die lah... vvv tired a ready.... wan ooi ooi a ready.. nitez everyone... sweet dream..

*.* tiRed dAy

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上个星期我去了一个露营,在那个露营里我学会了不少的东西。在那三天的露营里,有 150 多个人,可是这一次我却没有认识到任何一个人。好可惜哦。不过那三天里,我都听了不少的故事。其中有一个故事是关于友谊的。