Tuesday, December 22, 2009

stupid girl let go bah ...

2day reali very very tired.. ytd ad worked until 9.30 p.m... reach hm ad 10.. 2day cn early abit... 7 p.m... coz tat "fucker person" !!!! he tot is his fater's shop.. wan work thn work.. dowan work thn resign !!!! fuck ppl !! i reali very tired... my hand very pain nw.. bt no ppl wil care me.. last time tat ppl who care me the most, nw oso dowan care me liao... XD , >< , T_T i oso dno happy or sad.. bt i think sad is more than happy.. dno y suddenly listen the song n cried.. na i jz cn cry myself.. i reali cn let it go ma ? i reali dno.. i got try my best to let go... coz i noe tat ppl will more happy if i let him go.. bt i ad try my best... i...... i'm soli.. i'll let him go n hope he happy oways.. cn i dowan contact tat ppl ?? if i keep on like tat i reali cnt let go... bt cn i done tat ? i ... cnt.... wad is the relation btw me n him ? who cn let me noe ? am i stupid ? act i ad noe the ans.. ya... i'm the most stupid girl.. if not he wont everyday said me stupid.... hope stupid girl cn let all the things go n dont sad sad lah.. XD

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